ViolinCircus - Actioncards for Practicing the Violin and Viola

The action card game for violin and viola turns your practice room into a circus tent! By choosing cards your attention is drawn to different aspects of the violin-/violaplaying, you try different timbres and experiment with gravity when you are playing lying down or standing on one leg. You change the tempo or the dynamics and you are playfully practice good posture. You can also perform multiple actions at the same time. Your piece will be repeated in a variety of ways until it is ready for performance.
Prizewinning at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, suitable for beginners and advanced players from 4 to 99 years. Applicable to any repertoire. In German and English. Ready? Then clear the ring for the violin circus!

Content: 57 cards in a practical cloth bag, ideal for the violin case or to hang it on your music stand in 6 different colors, hand-painted by the author.

Auf einem Bein

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